Legal info


Provider of services

Mario Matzulla IT-Services
Im Wieschen 20
56865 Schauren

Phone (de): +49 6545 912842

E-Mail: mario(at)

Personal data protection

We are committed to user privacy. For statistical reasons we collect the following technical data:

  • type of browser
  • type of operating system
  • referrer Url
  • time and date of the use of the website
  • your IP address

This data is collected anonymously and will be kept separately from private user data, you might have to give us at this website.


We might use cookies to keep your session active. A cookie is a little textfile, that is stored from your browser on your system. We do not use cookies for personal data recognition.

Technical manager

Kay Strobach
Amselgrund 20
01728 Bannewitz

Phone (de): +49 3517 967378

E-Mail: info(at)

Private user data

In some cases we need to collect your private user data, to process certain information on this website This data will not be give to any other third party without your explicit written notice.

In some cases we might be forced to give the data to official government agencies.

Whom to ask

In case you want to know what data we collect on our servers, feel free to send us an e-mail to mario(at)