There are many ways you can help.


Send bug reports or feature requests using the bugtracker

The project bugtracker can be found on forge - the TYPO3 developer platform!

Make a donation

We can write an invoice for the donated amount!

Develop or co-develop new features

If you're into PHP and TypoScript you can help the calendar developers to develop new features. All developers work on a shared code base on forge.

Some examples of add-on extensions are:


  • CalDAV - Extends Calendar Base with CalDAV functionality.
  • Easy Plugin for Calendar Base - A new plugin configuration layer for Calendar Base
  • Typoscript Service for Calendar Base - Connects external tables to Calendar Base through a Typoscript-based configuration.
  • Calendar Base - DAM reference usage - Implements DAM reference usage for images and attachments in the extension "calendar base" (cal).
  • Advent calendar - A customizable Advent calendar based on pages as content placeholders for the several wickets
  • Advanced cal / partner integration - This extension is about to deliver some advanced features to tighten the integration between calendar base (cal) and partner framework (partner) extensions, esp. regarding location relationship and display.
  • Render Week Preview for calendar - Provides a customized view (based on the month view) to give a comprehensive preview over the next weeks events, starting in the current week.